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A Digital, Global and Creative Workplace

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the Advertising, Marketing and Digital service sphere in Namibia and abroad; Nica Creative employs tailored and strategic approaches to identify the right business opportunities and inventive action plans for raising the bar of every client.

One of the biggest realities to accept, as we move deeper into an exceedingly digital era, is that things change quickly. At Nica, we dedicate time and resources to keeping up with the ever-changing environment.

We go beyond creative and provide business solutions as a purposeful unit with long and meaningful client and supplier collaborations. We understand the importance of niche business structures and fuse our expertise with client expectations in an amalgamation of high-quality products, services and results.

Whether you’re a makeup artist, musician, NGO, large business or a budding entrepreneur; we created this company to meet you, greet you and assist you, wherever you are in your creative journey.


Monica Mukaiwa

Client Service Manager, Operations Manager

“It's nothing short of a privilege to be a leader at a time when the recognition of women in business is reaching new heights. I believe that it is up to us to hold the focus by way of our continued and exceptional delivery”.

Monica Mukaiwa began her professional journey after graduating from the University of Cape Town where she assumed numerous roles from Human Resource and Customer Experience Management to Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Client Development.

Monica credits her expertise to in-depth exposure, on a local and international scale, to recognized brands such as AVANI, BMW, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, General Motors, HAVAL, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Sun International, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo as well as large hospitality administrations, property developers, public relations firms, medical aid schemes and restaurants.

Monica believes that working with a range of fundamentally different brands has been paramount to her becoming a successful marketer and enabled her to become a more fluid strategist.

Monica heads up the operations, client service and events divisions at Nica Creative.

Monica Mukaiwa
Client Service Manager, Operations Manager

Melissa Mukaiwa

Strategist, Business Development Manager

Melissa Mukaiwa is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who makes a point of acquiring and merging knowledge from various fields in unique and innovative ways.

After obtaining her Honours Degree in Business & Marketing from the University of Cape Town, Melissa spent a significant part of the next few years travelling and learning about Customer Experience Management from a range of different contexts. These experiences came together as a healthy obsession with consumer psychology, behaviour and the human mind.

“Our minds are the starting point of pretty much everything that we do and hope to achieve. Our psychology, what we do and why we do it, are questions that are not only at the foundation of true, customer-centric marketing, but also of every facet of every decision that we make in our lives in general. I believe that there are few things more important than learning about such dynamics and then leveraging those insights in both our personal lives and in business.”

Melissa’s passion for the mind also extends into various other disciplines and give-back initiatives. She believes that:

“Once you begin to investigate this dynamic, you see just how little of our capacity we maximise in our roles as business owners, as marketers and just as individuals each with our own set hopes, aspirations and dreams. I think that once you become aware of this significantly greater potential to thrive, then you organically develop a responsibility to find suitable ways to help people develop the mindsets, habits and systems to help them do the same.”

Melissa is the driving force behind the business development and strategic planning divisions at Nica Creative.

Melissa Mukaiwa
Strategist, Business Development Manager



“Meeting the Nica team was absolutely amazing. They are professional, passionate and organized within their organization and this made me feel that I could trust them with our brand and customers."
“The Nica Team is involved in the daily happenings at our Dealership and show a real interest in the Pupkewitz Toyota customer. I recommend this very efficient team to every organization who needs to get Namibia to notice you.”

Marijke Viljoen

Marketing & Customer Experience Manager

Pupkewitz Toyota

“Working with Nica Creative is like a fresh breeze because the services rendered are professional, reliable and creative."
“We are happy to have met up with them and they definitely greatly enhance our product.”

Carol-Jean Rechter

Managing Director

Joes Beerhouse



“Nica has always gone the extra mile to ensure that we are happy and that services are delivered when needed. I’ve only experienced professionalism and a quick turnaround time when requesting information, quotations or simply making an inquiry."
“The designs are creative, always incorporating the requested theme/s and the products are of high quality. Personally I would love to motivate that Nica is added to the NUST approved vendors list – it is just so much easier to work with them.”

Delia Maasdorp

Project Analyst

Namibia University of Science & Technology

“It’s always a pleasure working with Nica. Response time is excellent. Feedback accurate. They are on top of their game, clued up and know what they are talking about."
“Always aware of the latest trends and technology. I’ll always recommend them and see them as an asset to our company.”

Willie Liebenberg

Branch Manager

Pupkewitz Auto

“We really enjoy the service we’re receiving. I believe the team is very creative."
“Would definitely recommend.”

Ben Gaoseb

Group Exercise Manager

Virgin Active Namibia

“Working with Nica Creative is effortless. Their proactive working style makes it exciting to work with them."
“They are very meticulous in what they do, giving us peace of mind.”

Eugénie Klazen

Marketing Coordinator

Pupkewitz Motor Division

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