Nica Creative was the brainchild of Monica and her sister Melissa Mukaiwa.

Two years apart, and the best of friends, the company was born out of the desire of 2 strong women with a hunger to make a difference in Namibian Marketing and Media relations.

Monica and Melissa run Nica Creative as Client Service and Business Development managers respectively, with both sharing their niche expertise in a collision of comprehensive business strategy overall. Started on laptops from their homes, they have expressed their pride to have elevated the business to an impressive portfolio of repeat and permanent clients with a strong team of staff as kooky as they are.

“Nica Creative launched without a drop of capital, cushioning or outside funding. We worked painfully hard every day, sometimes to the point of tears and outright exhaustion. We put our all into making this dream work – we still do. One of the biggest lessons to learn, as we move deeper into a highly digital era, is that things change quickly and you do not know as much as you think you do. At Nica we try to remain humble and dedicate time and resources to keeping up with the ever-changing environment.”

Our dream for Nica is to be a creative solutions company tailored for anyone and everyone. A unit with long and meaningful collaborations and a strong focus on the empowerment of young women and the Namibian community.

“Not one of our clients are treated exactly the same because no client ever has identical needs to another. Whether you’re an artist, baker, business or a budding entrepreneur; we created this company to meet you, greet you and assist you, wherever you are in your creative journey.”

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